Cobweb Scarf

Cobweb Scarf
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Product Description

Remember us saying that alpaca fiber is strong? This strong fiber can be spun into a thread no heavier than a cobweb, which is what this is and to make it even more smooth-and-wispy, it is blended with silk, and machine knit the luscious result into a long rectangular scarf, with all the density of a dragonfly wing. You can literally read through it.

This scarf drapes, clings (ever so slightly, just enough to stay where you put it), and flatters. Wear it long and flowy, around your neck and hanging down the front (to jazz up a simple top), or twisted into a fat rope, and used as a headband, or place it at your throat, and fling the ends over your back.

An ultra-light machine knit of 70% baby alpaca and 30% silk, in a long, narrow, rectangle. We suggest the gentlest hand washing, air flat. Any snags can readily be repaired by scooching the surrounding stitches back into conformity.

Colors : Passionate Peach, Pearl Grey, Azure Blue.